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To provide an open platform for design professionals, students, government bodies and local communities through which ideas and visions can be manifested


Socially sustainable architecture for the community

Engaging Public & Private Spheres

Educating through Research & Best Practice

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Our Projects

Really Ar?!

Design Sharing Session organized by re:ACT where designers were invited to talk about their recent projects. A play on the words, Really Architecture, the ending “ar” normally spelled “arh” is commomly uttered by locals at the end of a question to express enlightenment/astonishment/disbelief – Really Ar?!

Seletar Airbase Project

It started in 2006 when the Seletar Airbase area, a charming colonial neighbourhood in Singapore, was going to be developed into a large aerospace park. The residents were saddened by the news, and hoped it will not come to pass. Xiuqi, a re:ACT member then, made a film to capture the friendly human scale spaces, lush foliage, and the close-knit community in this unusual colonial neighbourhood, before they were forever gone.

“Design My Place” (DMP) Workshops

“Design My Place” is a 3-day workshop for pre-university students, which aims to build new awareness in the students about their built environment and teach them to be sensitive to the needs of the community and how good design can be a tool to meet these needs. As an object lesson, the students will study a neighbourhood that is close to their school. Based on what they discover, they will come up with designs that will help improve the area. Finally, they will get to present to the actual urban planners!

Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment

CUBE (Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment) was an annual competition that re:ACT developed for the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) under its Architecture and Urban Design Excellence programme (A.UDE). We based the event on our usual DMP workshop framework but threw in a healthy dose of competition to spice things up a bit and to spur the different schools to come up with innovative ideas for a selected neighbourhood. rs!

The Young Urbanist Programme

The Young Urbanist Programme (YUP) was a 1-day workshop initiated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). re:ACT was engaged by URA to plan, organize and facilitate the workshop, as well as to curate the exhibition. It was an enrichment programme for primary school students during their school holiday. Through problem-based urban activities, the the programme aimed to instill creativity and sensitivity in our future generation, while giving them a taste of being an architect or urban designer for a day.

DMP Grant

“Design My Place” Grant is offered to student teams whose proposals inspire and induce aspirations to benefit the community through design. Each of the selected team needs to include student members of an education institution. The grant amount for each awarded team is set at SGD$3,000.

Surface like-minded groups

Celebrate the development of the design community and help developing young design talents with a big heart for the community

Create real impacts, actualize meaningful community projects

The grant is designed to innovative ideas through architecture and urban design to strengthen and build communities, and to find potential partners to build lasting collaborations through the platform of design interventions for constant improvements in our urban community environments.

Apply for Grant

Apply for Grant

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